GPS provides the ability to navigate yourself through any territory and also to monitor and keep track of anything you want. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds so it is only obvious that GPS technology is now available something as common and personal as your own mobile phone. Converting your mobile phone to a GPS tracker requires only simple software downloaded onto your mobile that allows it to collect and read signals coming from any other GPS device you choose to connect it to. Until recently, these softwares were very expensive but now your local service providers themselves provide complete solutions.

Basically, when you turn your mobile into a GPS compatible device, it simple means that you can now use it as a tracking device to track anything you want. For instance your car, if you are one of the many parents with a teenager on the road their whereabouts are now easy to track using this system. The time and exact location can be found out using this system. In passive tracking, which can be done using a slightly more advanced cell phone is where the location data will be recorded internally for downloading at a later more convenient time.

This type of technology involves sending signals via satellites in space. One device to be tracked, say your car, a signal will be sent to the satellite and the GPS enabled mobile phone or laptop if you prefer picks up the signals and gives the desired location. This technology has innumerable uses. Law enforcement agencies can now use this to track anyone as by the end of 2005 all cell phone carriers were required to have the ability to trace cell phone calls up to a minimum distance of 100 m.

This tracking method is now revolutionizing the way things were once dealt with, with tracking maps now entering the picture; one can even get a view of the location and not just the details. To make use of these services one generally subscribes to a plan depending on the provider, all kinds of plans are available to suit individual needs.