Mobility vehicles have become a huge market everywhere. As our population gets older on average, the market for travel scooters and medical scooters will become even larger. Why wouldn’t you want to have a three wheel scooter of your own?

Because of their sleek design, their practical features and their affordability these mobility vehicles are giving many people the ability to get around on their own when they used to have to rely on others. And a three wheel electric scooter is one of the most popular models of them all. Messing with gasoline for a gas powered one would be just too much hassle for people with mobility problems.

Some specific models are made for indoor use. Others are built for traveling on pavement. Some people feel that the three wheel electric scooter is not really equipped for outdoor use because they are not as stable as the four wheel versions. But if you are planning a trip to the mall or going through other stores then this is the one you want.

Because of their wheel design they are excellent at maneuvering. The turn radius on these units is quite impressive and the steering allows for easy control in a crowded area. If you do have to travel outside, through the neighborhood for instance, you can still use these models. But you may want to upgrade to the full size models if this is something that you will be doing on a regular basis.

The overall structure of these units is very strong but at the same time lighter thanks to the use of aluminum. In fact, many of these units can be easily transported by folding them and placing them in the trunk or back seat, or by taking them apart into several pieces for easier handling. For women, and those with limited lifting ability, this is a great feature.

The average unit of this model can carry up to 250 pounds with an typical distance of 20 to 25 miles on a single charge. Again, if you need something with a greater load or longer distance then you should consider the full size model.

These newer models of three wheel electric scooter come with many features that will cater to your needs on a full day’s trip. From carrying racks to locking compartments and front baskets, it will be able to transport you and your purchases around without having to hold onto a cumbersome pile of bags.