Experience New Generation Mobile Communication With 3G Mobile Technology

Modern lifestyle has been developed for the blessing of technology. New advanced technology enables people to lead a digital lifestyle. In this fast-paced world, communication is a major element of life and makes communication easier as technological inventions are being updating constantly. One of the latest additions in the communication technology is none other than the 3G Mobile Technology.

Third generation, formally known as 3G, is basically the next generation high-speed mobile technology which is based on the Global System of Mobile Communication. This advanced communication technology is power-packed with highly advanced features that enable people to lead a high-tech lifestyle. Among them, the primary one is the advantage of making multiple tasks in a single mobile handset. Another aim of this technology is to provide high-speed services to the users, no matter wherever the user is geographically located.

By having a 3G technology mobile phone, one will be able to access high-speed Internet as this technology supports broadband connectivity. Accessing personal real-time emails with a superior level of sophistication will be just a superb experience. The technology comes with a packet-based transmission of text, voice and other contents. This technology gives the advantage of enjoying multimedia contents and video data at an approximate rate of 384 kbps-2 Mbps. One can also take the advantage of video-on-demand, getting sports highlights, watching news and video clips Online anytime and anywhere on his mobile gadget.

The modern age 3G mobile phones give user the advantage of experiencing an excellent voice quality and that would be possible almost anywhere across the world. With the advancement of technology, the 3G systems are now moving from low rate data transmission to medium and high speed data for video transmission and Internet searching. Apart from that, the audio quality is also improving with time. 3G technology enabled mobile phones give users the advantage of making video-conferencing at a high quality and without any hassles. These services help the users to accomplish business works with high ease.

When it comes to connectivity, the 3G network enabled handset will also prove its superiority. With this kind of phone, a user will be able to establish extremely fast and sophisticated connectivity with other devices. This technology also serves excellent for the entertainment purposes. With a highly powerful camera, a technology enabled handset usually comes with some other advanced functions including image editing and blogging. Additionally, users can also enjoy video telephony through these handsets. The entertainment aspect is also enhanced with a highly powerful music player that is capable to produce a crystal-clear sound output and supports all the popular music formats include MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, AAC+ and many more. Customers also can enjoy viewing their favourite video through these handsets.

Apart from the entertainment purposes, the 3G mobile technology enabled handsets also help the user to accomplish their business works, even while remaining on the move. One can read and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and some other format of files easily with these handsets. By possessing 3G mobile technology, one will also get the advantage of accessing various critical applications like Customer Relationship Management (CRM). As example, a field engineer can have a look his customer’s profile on his way, he can update their files and so on.

Now all over the world, almost all the leading mobile phone manufactures are offering 3G mobile technology enabled phones. Some of leading names are Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc.

Avail SIM Free Mobile Phones and Get Connected With Your Near-Dear Ones

Communication has matured with the invention of advanced technology. The most remarkable addition in the communication technology is mobile phone. As communication becomes the most important element in this modern age, mobile phones have become a necessary tool in people’s life. Now, even life seems aimless without mobile phone, feeling of detachment from friends and relatives comes to the mind. But, nowadays, availing a mobile phone is not at all a subject to worry about. Because, there are numerous mobile phone manufacturers out there in the International marketplace which are offering mobile phones at a very reasonable price.

For surviving in the cut-throat competition in the marketplace, mobile phone manufacturers are offering customers multiple schemes for selling mobile phones. Some of the most popular and best selling schemes are Pay as you go phones, Contract phones and SIM Free phones. Here, in this articles, we will discuss about the SIM free mobile phones and will be exploring the reason behind their huge popularity.

Now in the large marketplace of mobile phones, choosing the right mobile network plan is really difficult. All the mobile network-providing companies are coming with a perfect combination of elegant phones, reasonable price and quality service. But in case of Sim free mobile phones, you will just have to purchase your desirable phone and you will have the full independence to change the network without informing the network provider company. With the technological innovation, there have been the introduction of several communication technologies including the Global system for mobile communications (GSM), Code division multiple access (CDMA), Time division multiple access (TDMA) and Integrated digital enhanced network (iDEN). Among them the most popular technology all over the world is the GSM technology. As all the SIM free mobile phones work on GSM technology, its popularity is also on the top position.

The people of United Kingdom do prefer pay-as-you-go mobile service and contract mobile phones for availing a compactness of mobile phone with the network connection. But, SIM free phones are a bit different from all these kind of phones. By going for SIM Free Mobile Phones, the user is not bound to avail a mobile connection from any particular network. He will have the full rights to choose a network provider according to his own preference. Here it should be mentioned that SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module which is basically a chip that connects mobile handset with the mobile network. With the pay-as-you-go and contract phones, one has to take a fixed network service which is being offered by a particular schemes. After availing phone under contract schemes, users if not get satisfaction after few moths then he will not be able to switch over to other network provider. But on the other hand, by going for SIM free mobile phones, users need not face this kind of discrepancy. They will have the full independence to switch on to any other network provider without informing the previous service provider or the mobile company. These kind of phones are also different from the Pay-as-you-go phones. Under the scheme of pay-as-you-go phone, with the handset users will get a particular network connection. Though the users are not bound to continue that service for a time period, he will be free to discontinue the network service and switch over to other network.

Now almost all the giant mobile manufacturers are offering SIM free mobile phones. These include Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson name of a few. In this current era of advanced technology, all the SIM free mobile phones are equipped with innovative design, attractive looks, world-class user-friendly features and high-quality technology. To survive in current cut-throat competition of the modern marketplace, manufacturers are now offering the elegant mobile handsets at a very reasonable price. That’s why customers do not need to bother about the quality and price while choosing their favourite mobile phone.

Online mobile phone shops are now the perfect place for availing a best offer of SIM free mobile phones. There are various online shops which give mobile phone offers with variety of attractive gifts with purchase of these kind of phones, which include discounts, free gifts, free SMSs and so on.

Mobile Application Development – Current Technologies

Smartphones are a huge success story of the past two decades – and the devices get more powerful each year. Many businesses achieve significant benefits by using mobile technology – including those in both industrial and commercial markets. Deploying applications to mobile users involves a unique set of challenges and choices.

This article provides a background on the current mobile technologies available.

Types of Application for Mobile

The fundamental consideration with delivering business applications over mobile phones is the huge number of devices, and the wide variety of features on these.

Successful mobile application development often involves a combination of technologies and techniques. This is where a diverse skill set, together with an understanding of the mobile landscape, is essential to provide businesses not only with development services but also effective guidance in this time of accelerating change. The challenges at this stage in mobile technology are mirrored by an ever-increasing range of opportunities for businesses to implement new and improved processes.

In general, there are two main approaches to delivering business solutions over mobiles:

(1) Web

The mobile Web has undergone enormous advances over the past few years. According to recent research, around a third of adults in the UK are now using a smartphone – it seems fairly safe to assume that this will only continue to increase. Many more mobile users have some kind of internet access. Although the functionality of mobile Web browsers is now at a good level, there are still considerable restrictions in terms of network connectivity and speed – this is expected to improve over the next couple of years as 4G kicks in, but for the moment remains a serious constraint.

Many organisations create mobile versions of their sites and Web services, with minimised content designed to cope with mobile hardware and data connectivity limitations. One potentially valuable prospect in the mobile Web will be the advance of HTML5. This technology is still very much under development, but with major sites such as the Financial Times opting to use it rather than targeting specific mobile platforms it does look very promising. HTML5 offers a range of benefits including facilities for offline support, multi-media, interactivity and location awareness.

(2) Mobile Apps

Native mobile applications are software solutions deployed directly onto devices such as phones. Many mobile applications link to internet services, with the application, or “app”, handling user interaction natively. Mobile apps have the advantage that they provide a deep level of interactivity that is suited to device hardware – for example, using gestures or sensors like GPS. The difficulty with using mobile applications to deliver business services is the range of platforms in operation. As of early 2011, Google, Apple and RIM together occupy around 90% of the smartphone market. However, the mobile landscape is still in a state of change and there are other players including Windows and Palm – it would be unwise to make any predictions about how market share will look even in a matter of months as things stand.

Microsoft have replaced the Windows Mobile system with Windows Phone 7, with an increased focus on consumer use. Although Microsoft currently has a reduced position in terms of smartphone market share, the upcoming Mango release is looking very promising, and is being received quite well in early testing.

In terms of technologies for mobile apps, the list is long, and depends on which platform (or platforms) you choose to target. Among the most commonly used programming languages for mobile applications are Java, Objective C and C++. Each of the major platforms has a specific Software Development kit, with its own tools to help with the design, testing, debugging and deployment.

The complexity of mobile application development is such that targeting even a single platform involves extensive testing. Some businesses maximise on development resources by balancing native user interaction with cross-platform resources at the back-end, in which case a mobile app can effectively function as an interface for a Web application.


Aside from targeting specific mobile platforms through software and Web development, there are additional ways to exploit mobile contexts for some business processes – SMS is one such case. In this model, services are delivered as SMS text messages. This has the benefit of generally working across all phones, and payment can be handled via users bills – but it’s a very limited form of interaction. SMS also has a problem that message delivery is not guaranteed. Integrating SMS message handling into Web applications is quite simple – and support for processing SMS messages from users is widely available.

About Android

Google’s Android operating system is going from strength to strength at the moment. Having initially been seen as a platform of interest mainly to geeks, Android now occupies around a third of smartphone market share. Android’s growth is partly down to the openness of the platform, which is available on phones across the market range and from various hardware manufacturers, making it accessible to a more diverse range of users than iPhone.

Apps available through the Android Market are also subject to very little control, which produces a great deal of variety and flexibility but naturally results in a higher proportion of poor quality applications in circulation.

Google’s approach is the opposite of Apple – which retains significant control over its mobile phone operating system. Google’s initial idea was to make a new phone operating system which would be open and free. Their hope was that this would encourage innovative development of both phones and applications. Google has invested in Android because it expected that Web searches would increasingly happen on mobiles, and it wanted to be able to advertise to mobile users.

Although Google’s position within the mobile world seems very strong right now, it is still difficult to say how things are going to progress. In terms of users and applications, Android has, in the past, been seen by many as more focused on consumer services than enterprise use when compared with Apple and RIM, but there is some evidence that this is changing. The Android system is offering a good level of integration with business services such as Microsoft Exchange, and the open nature of the platform makes integrating with existing enterprise applications potentially less troublesome than for certain competitors.

About iPhone

The iPhone was of course in a dominant position as the advance of the smartphone took shape, and the platform is still in a very powerful place. Although business users naturally tended toward Blackberry in the past, both iPhone and Android have continued to make considerable headway for enterprise as well as consumer use, while Blackberry has started catering more to the consumer user as well. The result is that all three of the major smartphone platforms are now occupying some of the same space.

The iPhone offers support for external business utilities such as Microsoft Exchange and, unlike Android, iPhone apps are subject to serious vetting before users can deploy them. The natural downside to this increased level of control over the platform as a whole is a lack of flexibility, but for business applications the plus side is a very high guarantee of quality and reliability for the end user – and ultimately for any business processes being implemented through the technology.

With the hugely popular visual designs and interaction models the brand is famous for, the iPhone is certainly an attractive platform for commercial applications. Apple have been responsible for developing innovative features whose success has prompted other platforms to emulate them, such as multi-touch interaction.

There are some serious considerations with iPhone development:

Apple does not permit users to directly install applications onto the iPhone – all applications must be bought from the Apple Store, and Apple takes a 30% cut. There may be some way around this in the future, but at present we are not aware of it.

For certain applications the fragility, financial value and battery life of the iPhone may pose problems.

Of course, these obstacles apply mostly to commercial / industrial applications. They are not particularly a problem in terms of creating end-user applications. Blueberry has the Objective C skills necessary to develop iPhone programs, and we would be very interested in discussing this with customers.

Although iPhone has lost considerable smartphone ground to both Blackberry and Android, it is generally still seen as the platform to beat, and continues to be a market leader in many ways.

About RIM Blackberry

RIM’s Blackberry platform was long regarded as the mobile system of choice for business and professional users, a perception that still persists to a certain degree. Over the past few years Blackberry has also made significant advances in the consumer market, introducing handsets that have proven especially popular among young smartphone users.

Like Android, Blackberry hardware is very varied, so users can access mobile sites and applications via differing screen sizes and controls – increasing the complexity in any development project. The Blackberry platform delivers a wealth of enterprise services as standard, with Blackberry Enterprise Server seen as a major asset for corporate users. Email on Blackberry is particularly strong, so users who are dependent on a high level of security and reliability in messaging (and communications in general) naturally tend towards this platform.

While iPhones are focused on touchscreen interaction, as are Android devices to a slightly lesser degree, Blackberry handsets are most likely to provide hardware keyboards for text input. This can be a key aspect in the potential of the platform for certain application categories.

A possible issue for mobile Web applications targeted at Blackberry is that the Web browsers on the system have, in the past, been significantly less advanced than those on both iPhone and Android. However, more recent models have addressed this issue by including the latest WebKit browser

Native apps can be deployed through the Blackberry App World marketplace, which has, to date, not occupied as central a role for users as the app stores on iPhone and Android, although the brand is clearly focusing extensive efforts on developing this aspect of usage.

About Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 represent Microsoft’s foray into the mobile world, which has enjoyed varying degrees of success in the consumer and industrial markets.

From the consumer point of view, at the moment some of the high end smartphone brands such as HTC and LG are producing handsets with the Windows Phone operating system deployed on them, with networks including O2 and Orange providing mobile services. Nokia and Windows have reached a major deal in which the manufacturer is dropping its Symbian platform entirely to focus on Windows as its operating system of choice.

In 2011, Microsoft is due to release a major new version of the mobile Windows platform named Mango. This much anticipated release could alter the position of Microsoft drastically within the mobile world, partly on account of the Nokia partnership and partly since the system is set to include a number of new features such as increased support for HTML5.

At the same time, Windows Mobile has also been adopted strongly by manufacturers of industrial PDAs and mobiles – portable computing device products designed for commercial rather than consumer use. This has seen Microsoft exploring various industrial contexts for mobile processing, with Windows Mobile 6.5 particularly successful in such environments, and hardware produced by various manufacturers including Motorola. Windows Mobile is therefore a natural choice for many mobile workplace needs, including warehouse and delivery services.

From a development perspective, Windows Mobile has very strong advantages. Microsoft has provided a rich platform of development tools – including the C# language, which is much easier to use than C used on other mobiles. Microsoft also includes tools for communication between software on the phone and central servers, and they even include a small database engine.

The strong development tools and wide availability of different devices make Windows Mobile a particularly valuable platform for delivering business applications. At Blueberry we have a uniquely high level of expertise on Windows Mobile systems, so are well positioned to deliver solutions on this platform.

How Charities Can Embrace Technology – Working With Tech

In the first part of this article we looked at the ways in which technology such as mobile communications, computing and the internet can help charities spread their messages and reach their potential sources of funding and aid. However, all of these technologies can also have more direct applications for some charities by actually assisting the work that they carry out.

The speed with which data can be shared between, not only fixed locations over extensive wide area networks and virtual private networks, but also over wireless technology, smartphones and 3G connections from remote locations and on the move, has unleashed numerous possibilities for charities to become more effective and efficient in the work that they carry out. Charities that reach out to the vulnerable can be more responsive and can more easily take their work to these individuals rather than waiting for them to come to the charity. Furthermore technological advances can be employed and promoted by charities as solutions to help the vulnerable become self sufficient, empowered and integrated into society.

Efficiencies in Health Care

One particular field in which many charities operate is healthcare and, although technology in this area is often at the forefront of technological advances in general, such high technology as scanners and robotic surgical devices, which are revolutionising the effectiveness of both diagnosis and treatment, can be very costly.

However there is massive potential for technology, particularly mobile technology, to overcome many of the obstacles faced by carers and healthcare workers, especially where there are issues relating to location. A great idea of how creative combinations of existing technologies can be used to increase efficiencies in this area can be taken from the recent adoption in some hospitals of robots on which tablet computers are attached providing video conferencing facilities. These mobile face to face communication tools, which can be used at the patients bedside, allow consultations to occur between patient and doctor even when the two parties are in different hospitals. This not only makes the hospital efficient (the cost is not small but is less than employing extra staff), to the benefit of all its patients, but also ensures that the patient receives the best possible care, and in good time too, even when the most appropriate doctor for their ailment is located in a different hospital.

Mobile Devices in the Field

As mentioned in the previous instalment of this article, mobile devices can be vital tools for in the field to provide a commentary on the work being done and the conditions being faced by charity workers, but these channels of communication can also be invaluable in allowing charity workers to share information between themselves instantaneously and on the go so that the demands of the vulnerable and in-need can be responded to most effectively and speedily. For example, international charity workers who are treating patients in the field can communicate symptoms to colleagues based in a central location, using mobile phones, text messaging, instant messaging email and even video, so that the diagnoses and treatments can be determined remotely but then implemented on location, straight away. Alternatively workers can use these mobile technologies to arrange and change logistical planning whilst in the field, to respond dynamically where the need is greatest by communicating and researching the information they need as they go.

HP Portable Printers – Technology and Mobility in One

Laptops, netbooks, smart phones – these are the most in-demand devices nowadays. Almost everyone has at least one of those. And with the introduction of more intelligent devices like the iPad, the Sony Dash, and other Wi-Fi compatible handy machines, the development of technology is unstoppable. People on the go love compact and portable devices, and having a portable printer makes the traveler techie collection complete.

Handiness is a feature that many people look for when they purchase different types of goods. It can be observable that sometimes, a smaller object is even better than the bigger one. Portable and lightweight tools make work a lot easier because you can do whatever you need or want to do anytime and anywhere, as long as you have the necessary tools with you.

Portable printers are perfect examples of these handy and functional devices. You can bring them anywhere you go because they are designed with a compact build. You can use them during trips, when you’re on vacation for a while, or even while on the road. These portable printers will let you produce hard copies of whatever files that you want or need to get printed.

HP is one of the companies that develop excellent compact printers, and their models definitely provide the needs of their users. One perfect model that you can certainly rely on is the Deskjet 450wbt. It features wireless printing via Bluetooth and infrared connectivity. It also has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which makes it excellent for outdoor printing. And having a weight of 4.6 pounds, any businessman on the go is sure to find satisfaction in this device.

Deskjets are HP’s trademarks, and the Deskjet 460wf Mobile printer is a compact device that completely upholds the company’s reputation. The Wi-Fi-ready device lets you connect to any internet-compatible device like a smart phone to print out files and images. The model also has a USB port and memory card slots so you can keep files in different media and print directly from them.

For more professional prints for people who are constantly on the go, the Officejet H470wbt is an excellent choice. It has a Bluetooth printer card which enables you to print from Bluetooth-compatible devices, and it has two USB ports and a memory card reader for a lot of media sources. Also, the printer is an Energy Star qualified device which lets not only you benefit from its features, but Mother Nature as well.

If you’re more of a photo person and you want a printer that can let you create copies of beautiful photographs anytime, anywhere, the Photosmart A526 from HP is a compact device that can definitely fit all your standards. The 2.4-inch LCD display allows you to view and edit your photos before printing them. The single USB port and 4 memory card slots are good options for the storage device where you will keep your files. And the compactness of the device, which only weighs 2.7 lbs., makes it handy in every way.

Although they are small, HP printers have the quality and performance that the company is world-renowned for. If I were you, I would get the Officejet H470wbt because it has all the necessary features of an excellent printer. But if you’re really looking for the smallest model, I suggest getting the Photosmart A526. Whatever model of portable printer you get, as long as it’s HP, I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied to have it.

Apple iPhone 4G

The much awaited handset of 2010, the Apple iPhone 4G is out now. The prototype of this phone was leaked much earlier. And apple made big new then. Now the apple is taking pre orders for the Apple iPhone 4G which would be in stores from the 24th Of June.

There are various deal are available in the market now you need to choose your favourite. You can take up either Apple iPhone Pay As You Go Phones or go for the Apple iPhone 4G Contract deals. This deals can be opted for on any network of your choice. Some of the leading wireless service providers are Vodafone, Orange, Virgin, O2, 3 and T Mobile.

Apple iPhone 4G Contract offers a handset with unique features. The important features of the phone includes a large 3.5 inches touch cum display screen. This screen gives out an amazing resolution as it can very well support 16 million colours. This fourth generation phone is worked on its connectivity the most. The 3G iPhone was not this good when connectivity was considered. Now you can very easily get connected with your friends and family with Wi Fi present. The Wi Fi enables you to use the mobile internet anywhere and everywhere you go.

The set weighs 137 grams. It is a mini computer in reality, so you can do all those things that you can do on a personal computer. The iPhone works on Apple’s own operating system which is iOS. This OS is based on MAC. The handset also has a Apple A4 processor fit into it.

iphone 4G has a scratch free surface all over. Now no need to bother yourself any more that the handset may get a scratch. It also has a proximity sensor that switches of the back lit as soon as the call is answered. The accelerometer flips the screen from landscape to portrait mode as soon as you rotate it. It is a dream phone for everyone.

Technology Enhancing Mobility As the Population Gets Older

Mobility vehicles have become a huge market everywhere. As our population gets older on average, the market for travel scooters and medical scooters will become even larger. Why wouldn’t you want to have a three wheel scooter of your own?

Because of their sleek design, their practical features and their affordability these mobility vehicles are giving many people the ability to get around on their own when they used to have to rely on others. And a three wheel electric scooter is one of the most popular models of them all. Messing with gasoline for a gas powered one would be just too much hassle for people with mobility problems.

Some specific models are made for indoor use. Others are built for traveling on pavement. Some people feel that the three wheel electric scooter is not really equipped for outdoor use because they are not as stable as the four wheel versions. But if you are planning a trip to the mall or going through other stores then this is the one you want.

Because of their wheel design they are excellent at maneuvering. The turn radius on these units is quite impressive and the steering allows for easy control in a crowded area. If you do have to travel outside, through the neighborhood for instance, you can still use these models. But you may want to upgrade to the full size models if this is something that you will be doing on a regular basis.

The overall structure of these units is very strong but at the same time lighter thanks to the use of aluminum. In fact, many of these units can be easily transported by folding them and placing them in the trunk or back seat, or by taking them apart into several pieces for easier handling. For women, and those with limited lifting ability, this is a great feature.

The average unit of this model can carry up to 250 pounds with an typical distance of 20 to 25 miles on a single charge. Again, if you need something with a greater load or longer distance then you should consider the full size model.

These newer models of three wheel electric scooter come with many features that will cater to your needs on a full day’s trip. From carrying racks to locking compartments and front baskets, it will be able to transport you and your purchases around without having to hold onto a cumbersome pile of bags.

Acer M900

Nowadays, every company wants to expand its business empire. In fact, there are various brands which want to become the jack of all trades. The best example of such companies is the Acer. It’s a major leading company which basically deals in laptops. But, recently this organisation moves into the market with the amazing smartphone. The Acer M900 is a awesome mobile phone which is packed with mind blowing features. This handset can create turmoil among the ultra next generation.

This is a glamorous third generation gizmo. The overall size of this device is quite large in comparison with other standard size gadgets but it easily fits in the one’s pocket. This good looking smartphone weights 188 grams and measures 119 mm in length by 62 mm in width by 17.1 mm deep in dimensions. Moreover, it has wide 3.8 inches TFT resistive touchscreen which displays sixty five thousand colours. It comes with full QWERTY keyboards, fingerprint recognition, widget based user interface and handwriting recognition. All these features actually make this gadget more user-friendly in nature. It is fitted with standard rechargeable battery which provides good battery back-up.

It comes with amazing pocket office application. With this feature, the mobile user can read the files which support MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF and OneNote formats. So, this gizmo also helps an individual in his professional activities. Apart from all, it supports 3G and 2G technologies which provide better connectivity. The Acer M900 comes with mini USB and Bluetooth. So, the user can easily transfer information from this smartphone to any other compatible device. It is Wi-Fi enabled and allows users to access various social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc. on internet. The HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS transfer the data at much fast speed.

This smartphones comes with integrated five mega pixel camera. With its high quality digital camera, one can click still pictures as well as record video. It includes many camera features like LED flash, auto focus and many more. It allows users to capture those unforgettable moments in just some clicks. Apart from all, it supports many messaging features through which an individual can communicate with kith and kin without even calling them. With Email and instant messaging, one can chat with his friends which are at the same time online on internet. Moreover, the mobile user can interact with others via MMS or SMS.

This smartphone comes with slot for microSD cards. So, one can easily expands its internal memory by inserting memory card. An individual is free to store as many music files, videos or pictures as possible. This smartphone is packed with various entertainment features. In the spare time one can enjoy with these set of music features. With its built-in fm radio, an individual can tune into various radio stations anytime and anywhere. One can even enjoy his favourite tracks in MP3 format. This speaker phone includes a 3.5mm audio jack. Apart from all, it is equipped with many superb games which can be enjoyed by users any time. The Acer M900 is especially designed according to the requirements of the modern generation. It actually meets the requirements of the internet savvy users. It can really thrill the user mind with excitement.